Photo: OSHA

OSHA launches webpage on radiation emergency preparedness and response

April 10, 2019

Washington — OSHA has created a webpage intended to educate workers about how to protect themselves in radiation-related situations ranging from a small, isolated spill in a laboratory to a potentially catastrophic release at a nuclear facility.

The Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response webpage provides resources on health and safety planning, medical monitoring and dosimetry, and other relevant topics for workers “who may be impacted by radiation emergencies” or “who may be involved in emergency response operations or related activities.”


The webpage is broken into six sections:

  • Background provides definitions of “radiation” and “radiation emergencies” and shares examples of scenarios workers may encounter.
  • General Businesses covers preparing employers and workers who do not have emergency response duties.
  • Preparedness shares information on planning, training and equipping workplace emergency responders.
  • Response includes information on personal protective equipment, exposure monitoring and limits, treatment and management, and other considerations.
  • OSHA Resources offers links to the agency’s standards, standard interpretations and other resources.
  • Additional Resources provides links on radiation emergencies, including types of hazards, exposure assessments, training, sheltering and evacuation, and decontamination.