BSEE launches text notification system for offshore oil and gas workers

June 17, 2019

Washington — The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement recently unveiled a free text message alert system that delivers the agency’s safety alerts and bulletins to offshore oil and gas workers on the Outer Continental Shelf.

Subscribers to BSEE!Safe will receive on their cellphones links to these resources, which detail lessons learned from incidents and near misses that occurred within the industry, as well as recommendations to help prevent future occurrences.


“Having engaged and informed offshore workers on the front line is the best method to drive safety performance and environmental stewardship improvements,” BSEE Director Scott Angelle said in a May 23 press release. “Empowering the more than 36,000 workers on the offshore rigs and platforms with critical safety information is an important step in ensuring safe and environmentally sustainable operations.”

The agency issued 22 safety alerts and bulletins last year.