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100 Years of Safety+Health: Eagle-eyed readers

June 23, 2019

Every month during 2019, Safety+Health will be sharing bits of the magazine’s history from its first 100 years.

Safety+Health readers have always shown their passion for safety – and their eagle eye for hazards and unsafe practices. The July 1928 issue of National Safety News noted that “several readers have written us asking why the engineer on the cover of the May [issue] was not wearing goggles.”

S+H’s most glaring error in the past decade occurred in March 2012, when readers contacted us in droves to let us know our cover image featured a climber on a ladder that was propped against a house backward. S+H is committed to showing best practices, so it’s always embarrassing when mistakes slip through. But we’re grateful that our readers care so much about keeping workers safe that they take the time to let us know when we’ve messed up, and how we can do better.