100 years: Art

100 years of Safety+Health: The art of Safety+Health

September 22, 2019

Every month during 2019, Safety+Health will be sharing bits of the magazine’s history from its first 100 years.

The National Safety Council Library has in its collection several historical photos (one from 1963 is shown here) of the NSC Art Department.

For decades, the department created all visual materials – including brochures and posters – for the council. It also provided illustrations, photos and art direction for what is now Safety+Health magazine.

Today, the NSC Creative Resources and Marketing departments provide these services for the council – but S+H has its own creative force in Senior Graphic Designer Mike Sharkey, who singlehandedly produces art, graphics and select photography for the print magazine as well as online. You’ll find his work throughout S+H and our sister publication, Family Safety & Health.