Photo: MichaƂ Chodyra/iStockphoto

Trump re-nominates Cynthia Attwood to be OSHRC commissioner

October 22, 2019

Washington — President Donald Trump on Oct. 17 re-nominated Cynthia Attwood for a third term on the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, another step toward filling all three commissioner seats.

Attwood’s second term with OSHRC, an independent federal agency that rules on disputes over OSHA citations and penalties, expired April 27. This left the commission with two vacant seats and unable to issue decisions in large part because of a lack of a quorum. OSHRC has not issued a final decision since March 28, according to its website.

On Oct. 9, Trump announced his intent to nominate Amanda Wood Laihow for the other open spot. Laihow, whose term would expire in April 2023 in confirmed, is OSHRC Chair James Sullivan Jr.’s chief counsel.


In addition to her tenure at the commission, Attwood worked from 1979 to 2001 at the Department of Labor, where she served as appellate judge on the Administrative Review Board, among other roles.

If confirmed, Attwood would be scheduled to serve until April 2025.