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100 years of Safety+Health: Here’s to the next 100 years

November 24, 2019

Every month during 2019, Safety+Health has shared bits of the magazine’s history from its first 100 years.

When the National Safety Council published the first issue of National Safety News in November 1919, the only sta?ff member named was the editor, Louis Resnick, with credit given to “officers and staff of the council.” On its 50th anniversary in 1969, the magazine listed a staff of 21.

Today, a group of 14 people create, produce and sell advertising for what is now Safety+Health magazine. Some of the job titles listed in 1969 are the same today; others are new. But all have been affected by technology. Although reading preferences and delivery methods have changed over the years, the occupational safety and health community’s need to stay informed has not, and the staff of S+H is privileged to bring that information to you. Thank you for being part of our first 100 years.