Photo: Pure Safety Group

Pure Safety Group issues recall of fall protection devices

November 20, 2019

Houston — Pure Safety Group has issued an immediate recall and stop-use alert for its Guardian Fall Protection and Web Device 3-Way Rescue and Retrieval Self-Retracting Lifeline units.

The recall affects the Guardian #10974 (50 feet) and #10981 (65 feet) units, as well as the Web Devices #0501312 (50 feet) and #0651312 (65 feet). It also includes Web Devices with the following parts numbers:

  • RDI-100-B
  • RDI-100-B/WW
  • RDI-100-B/WW SS
  • RDI-100BSS
  • RDI-100 65WWK

Custom or private-labeled 3-Way SRLs and 3-Way SRLs sold in Arc-O-Pod kits (#20001 and #20004) are included in the recall.


All units manufactured before March should be immediately taken out of service, PSG states in a press release.

Under certain circumstances, braking forces may cause gear misalignment, potentially resulting in diminished rescue/retrieval functionality. According to the release, no incidents or injuries related to the recall have been reported.