Corporate Profiles: Protective Industrial Products USA

January 26, 2020

Protective Industrial Products’ global mission of “Bringing the Best of the World to You®” is fulfilled every day by way of its portfolio of companies and brands. PIP is a leader in providing innovative safety products to wholesalers and distributors in industrial channels. PIP, along with its recognized leading industrial brands: G-Tek®, Assurance®, Kut-Gard, QRP®, Maximum Safety®, Dynamic®, Uniform Technology® and, most recently, Boss®, are relied on for personal protection by workers every day.

For PIP, safety is unique to every channel. By leveraging expertise in differentiated end-user markets, PIP understands the unique challenges that workers in multiple applications face and strive to minimize risk by delivering tailored PPE solutions for the task at hand. PIP offers a complete line of safety equipment that spans hand and arm protection, protective clothing, head protection, hearing protection, safety eyewear, respiratory safety, cold and heat stress, controlled environment, electrical safety, emergency responder, first aid, warning beacons, and ergonomic products.

PIP builds its product line with a very clear value proposition of “quality, integrity and safety.” PIP’s products have been designed and rigorously tested to meet and surpass industry standards and to ensure products perform well “at work” and beyond.