Photo: DNY59/iStockphoto

COVID-19 pandemic: Washington L&I publishes home office ergo tips

March 31, 2020

Tumwater, WA — For people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new fact sheet from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries explains how to set up a safe and efficient home workstation.

Released March 24, the fact sheet focuses on five key ergonomics issues:

  • Relaxed shoulders
  • Supported lower back
  • Level head
  • Straight wrists
  • Supported feet

First, ensure your chair is comfortable and working. While sitting, make sure your keyboard, monitor and mouse are positioned so that your arms, wrists and neck are relaxed. If you’re working via a laptop computer, try to use a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor as much as possible.


Center your body in line with the middle of the monitor, and make sure the top of the monitor is at eye level. Adjust your chair and footrest as needed so your neck and shoulders are in a comfortable position.

Additionally, make sure you have plenty of leg room, remove any nearby tripping hazards, and use a headset or speakerphone whenever possible.

Regardless of how comfortable your home workstation is, Washington L&I experts encourage you to change positions at least every hour. “Change positions frequently, because your next position is your best position,” the fact sheet states.