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Connecting with kids about COVID-19: Hospital offers resources for parents

June 18, 2020

Memphis, TN — Is your young child feeling confused or fearful about the COVID-19 pandemic? Or maybe your teen isn’t taking the threat seriously. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has published resources to help parents teach children and adolescents how to remain healthy during the “summer of COVID-19.”

Along with downloadable activity and coloring books, the hospital’s website has tips for talking to young children about the pandemic and how to answer common questions. Another page is geared toward teens and includes the “Do’s and Don’ts of Social Distancing,” as well as sections on self-care and myth-busting.

“Teens may feel that certain rules and risks do not apply to them,” St. Jude says. “Keep in mind, teens may be hearing misinformation from others, including friends and social media. Talk openly and explain any incorrect information your teenager may have. Stress the importance of using proven ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus, such as handwashing and staying at home.”

The resource materials are available in multiple languages, including Spanish, French and Arabic.