Photo: valentinrussanov/iStockphoto

COVID-19 pandemic: CDC releases guidance for nail salon workers

June 30, 2020

Washington — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published guidance to help nail salon employers protect their workers from exposure to COVID-19.

The guidelines include steps for creating a workplace health and safety plan; identifying where and how workers might be exposed; implementing engineering and administrative controls; protecting employees and clients with the use of personal protective equipment; and educating supervisors and workers about the measures they can take to protect themselves, including staying home when sick.


Employers should redesign work areas, check-in areas and break rooms to help maintain at least 6 feet of space between workers, co-workers and clients. In addition, they should install transparent shields or other physical barriers where physical distancing isn’t feasible, use floor markings that denote 6 feet of distance, and remove chairs from waiting rooms.

Other recommendations address ventilation, health screenings, staggering of shift and break times, and cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.