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COVID-19 pandemic: Survey of remote workers shows opinions on returning to the office vary

September 1, 2020

Washington — Workers’ opinions about returning to the office amid the COVID-19 pandemic vary greatly based on each individual’s situation, but most want their employer to take certain actions to ensure their safety when they do, results of a recent survey show.

Clutch, a business-to-business ratings and review company, surveyed 400 U.S workers to learn about their experiences working remotely and their thoughts on returning to the office. More than 3 out of 5 respondents (61%) said they haven’t returned to the office or a “shared co-working space.”

Other findings:

  • 19% of the respondents want to return to the office as soon as possible.
  • 15% want to return in October or later.
  • 13% would like to wait until next year.
  • 15% don’t want to go back to the office at all.

Most of the workers (82%) want at least one type of safety measure in place in their office, with nearly a third (29%) saying that requiring facial coverings is the most important action their employer should take, followed by physical distancing (16%), improved hygiene practices (12%), frequent health checks (11%), updated office layout (9%) and returning to work in shifts (6%).


“The same approach to reopening offices isn’t going to work for each employee and each company, so it’s important to start by speaking with your team,” Clutch states in an Aug. 12 press release. “Understand what your company can do to create a safe and comfortable workplace.”