Corporate Profile: Pacific Handy Cutter Inc.

December 15, 2020

With over 70 years of market leadership and groundbreaking innovation, PHC has acquired Klever Innovations, one of the brightest stars in the safety industry that pioneered recessed blade technology. Together, we are the dominant leading force in safety cutting. Both companies offer industry-leading cutting solutions that prevent injuries and reduce damaged merchandise – saving companies money. Now, working together and continuing to offer world-class customer service and product support, we are the go-to safety cutting source for grocers, retailers, industrial facilities, food service providers and everything in between.

PHC and Klever are excited to share their newest groundbreaking innovation: their Antimicrobial Kleen™ Safety Cutters. Manufactured with an advanced, antimicrobial material that is highly resistant to many bacteria and viruses, Kleen™ Safety Cutters are a perfect complement to any industry’s existing hygiene protocols by providing an additional level of microbe protection. These multifunctional recessed-blade tools help prevent lacerations and damaged merchandise, help keep employees safe and healthy, and help keep cost down during these challenging times.