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February 5, 2014

While watching the Super Bowl, I couldn’t help but think of the lingering issue of concussions in the NFL. Two recent articles in The New York Times look at concussions from different angles:

Kam Chancellor, part of the Seattle Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom” secondary, says he enjoys collisions but tries to avoid head-to-head collisions.

Meanwhile, Rayfield Wright, 68, who played with the Dallas Cowboys for 13 seasons, says countless concussions are the cause of his dementia. The article contrasts his imposing physical presence (6 feet, 7 inches, 265 pounds) with his emotional burden:

“I’m scared,” he said. He buried his face in his giant hands before looking up again and almost pleading, “I don’t want this to happen.” He wiped a tear from his cheek.

In a moving article in the Omaha World-Herald, survivors of the International Nutrition plant collapse recount their escape amid fire and falling concrete.

NPR speaks to Charleston Gazette reporter Ken Ward Jr. about how a lack of regulation in West Virginia contributed to the toxic chemical spill that left residents sick and polluted their water.

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