Advisory committee submits final report on in-cab distractions

September 9, 2010

All aspects of distracted driving should be addressed to reduce crashes and fatalities on the road, members of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee said in a report released Aug. 30.

The final report (.pdf file) was submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for addressing in-cab distractions other than texting and cell phone use by commercial motor vehicle drivers engaged in interstate commerce. It recommended 24 strategies, including:

  • Conduct an assessment of existing research to develop standards for installing or modifying in-cab technologies that may cause distracted driving.
  • Assess the enforcement component of preventing distracted driving, and recommend practical enforcement strategies to discourage and eliminate distracted CMV driving.
  • Undertake CMV driver education initiatives.
  • Work with industry and academia to improve standards in data collection to enable analysis and to include precise definitions.
  • Work with other transportation administrations and the Department of Transportation Safety Council to address safety issues found in passenger vehicles.
The committee is scheduled to meet in December to submit a final report on how fleets can develop a practical fatigue management program.