AFL-CIO on worker safety: More needs to be done

May 8, 2013

Washington – Business groups and political opposition have threatened progress on worker safety and health, according to a report released May 7 by the AFL-CIO.

The 22nd edition of Death on the Job (.pdf file), the union’s annual report examining the state of safety and health protections, claims a “major assault” on regulations has stalled important safety and health rules, such as the delayed silica rule.

The report cites recent occupational fatality figures that indicate an essentially flat rate during the past three years, as well as a similar plateau among workplace injuries and illnesses.

“Greater efforts are needed if we are to make further progress in reducing job injuries and deaths,” the report states.

The union outlined initiatives it believes are necessary to improve workplace safety, including adding more OSHA inspectors, creating more stringent criminal penalties for workplace violations and updating occupational safety laws.