Alliance schedules annual highway roadcheck

April 22, 2010

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will host its annual Roadcheck June 8-10.

According to Washington-based CVSA, Roadcheck is the largest targeted enforcement program for commercial motor vehicles in the world, with approximately 14 trucks or buses being inspected, on average, every minute from Canada to Mexico during a 72-hour period.

Results from the 2009 Roadcheck showed fewer CMV drivers were placed out of service and received significantly fewer safety belt violations than during the previous year. In 2009, the number of CMV drivers wearing safety belts increased by more than 22 percent from 2008 counts, while compliance rates increased to 77.8 percent for vehicle compliance with a driver compliance rate of 96.1 percent -- the highest rates ever, representing a 7.1 and 20.4 percent increase from 2008 totals, respectively.