Alone on the job

July 1, 2012

If a lone employee encounters an emergency or is injured on the job, that person may have difficulty finding help. Falls and violence are examples of hazards that lone workers face. Canada-based WorkSafeBC has the following advice for employees who work alone in environments such as late-night convenience stores:

  • Identify areas and homes where employees can retreat and call for help.
  • Ensure vehicles are parked close to the building, especially during late shifts.
  • Raise areas where cash registers are located.
  • Avoid handling money near entrances and exits.
  • Drop boxes, safes and strong rooms should be out of sight.
  • Ensure bank deposits are not made at night.
  • Always check on employees at the end of their shift.
  • Develop a procedure to follow if an employee cannot be contacted.
  • Keep outside areas well lit.
  • Make sure back doors lock from the outside, while obeying fire codes.
  • Install a panic or emergency alarm.