Americans have mixed feelings about tanning: survey

May 13, 2010

Although most Americans are concerned about skin cancer, the majority still believe people look better and healthier with a tan, according to a recent survey from the Schaumburg, IL-based American Academy of Dermatology.

An online survey of more than 7,000 individuals found 72 percent believe tanned people look better and 66 percent believe tanned people look healthier. Additionally, 60 percent of respondents believe sun exposure is good for their health.

However, AAD warns that sun exposure is hazardous, and recommends individuals get vitamin D through food and beverages rather than the sun.

Despite their positive opinions on tanning and sun exposure, 80 percent of survey respondents reported concern about skin cancer and 75 percent said they would do anything possible to prevent the disease.

May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. AAD provides information on the disease and prevention tips on its Website.