Audit tracks FAA progress on airline, pilot safety enhancements

February 6, 2013

Washington – The Federal Aviation Administration has implemented a number of provisions in the Airline Safety and FAA Extension Act, but certain enhancements are still needed, according to an audit report (.pdf file) from the Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General.

The audit, released Jan. 31, tracked FAA’s implementation of 16 airline and pilot training safety provisions included in the act. It found that FAA has made “considerable” progress implementing voluntary safety reporting for air traffic controllers, establishing improved pilot rest period requirements and developing risk management processes for large carriers, but recommends further focus on smaller carriers. Also, FAA has failed to issue final rules in a timely manner that establish qualification, training and mentoring requirements for pilots and crew members, the audit states.

FAA told OIG it concurred or partially concurred with each of the report’s findings and recommendations.