Australian CEOs learn of MSD problem firsthand

May 4, 2011

Melbourne, Australia – Three CEOs from Australian corporations went undercover among their workforces to learn firsthand the ergonomic challenges their employees face.

The Skeleton Project recorded the CEOs’ daylong, covert exploration of safety as part of a web video series produced by WorkSafe Victoria, the Australian state’s occupational safety and health agency. The project was intended to help the CEOs learn how their decisions and policies affect the front line, and better understand safety from an employee’s perspective.

“Stuck in the corporate office, I’m a bit isolated,” said Greg Pullen, CEO of Northern Health, based in the Melbourne suburb of Epping.

In addition to the three episodes, WorkSafe provides musculoskeletal disorder safety and health resources.

According to WorkSafe, MSD-related injuries account for 60 percent of all workplace injuries and cost Victorian businesses more than $1 billion last year in medical costs and wages, among other expenses.