Be cautious near conveyers

November 1, 2009

Mine mechanics are exposed to more conveyer hazards than other mine workers, resulting in many mining injuries and deaths, according to the Mine Safety and Health Admini­stration. Conveyers can grab workers and cause entanglements.

MSHA recommends the following precautions to prevent such injuries in mines.

  • Lock and tag out the power switch before you begin work on the conveyer.
  • Align the belt from a safe place only after you are sure the conveyer cannot grab you.
  • Never try to fix or adjust return idlers while the conveyer is running.
  • Be sure the guard is in place when maintenance is not being performed on the machine.
  • Stay clear of suspended loads when installing or repairing the conveyer.
  • Block conveyers against hazardous motion when repairing or performing maintenance on the machine.
  • Use a harness or safety belt and line when working in places where a fall risk is present.
  • Do not manually apply belt dressings when the belt is in motion. Only pressurized dressings can be put on while the conveyer is running.
  • Do not attempt to dislodge rocks from pulleys while the conveyer is running.