BLS: Security guards at high risk of assaults, on-the-job deaths

March 14, 2012

Washington – Security guards are twice as likely to suffer fatal workplace injuries as workers in general, and their deaths are mostly caused by assaults or other violent acts, according to a new analysis (.pdf file) of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The analysis determined that assaults were the cause of nearly two-thirds of all fatal occupational deaths among security guards. In 93 percent of these cases, the assailant typically was a customer, client or individual attempting a robbery.

The analysis also found that in 2009:

  • 63 security guards died on the job.
  • 8,920 security guards suffered an on-the-job injury requiring at least one day away from work.
  • Most injuries occurred during the evening and overnight hours.

The analysis was published in the February issue of Monthly Labor Review, a BLS journal.