Consuming protein in the morning may cut snacking: study

April 3, 2013

Columbia, MO – Eating a protein-rich breakfast may help prevent overeating and reduce evening cravings for unhealthy foods, according to a new study from the University of Missouri.

Researchers examined 20 overweight or obese females 18-20 years old, some of whom skipped breakfast while the others consumed either a high-protein meal of eggs and lean beef or a normal-protein breakfast of cereal, according to the study abstract. Each breakfast was 350 calories and had the same amount of fat, fiber, sugar and energy density.

Females who ate the meal with the most protein – 35 grams – had a greater feeling of fullness and their brain scans indicated reduced food cravings, a university press release states. They also consumed fewer high-fat and high-sugar snacks than the other participants.

The study was published in the April issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.