Controversial trucking company enters Mexico cross-border trucking pilot program

February 20, 2013

Washington – More than one year after it applied, Mexico-based trucking company Grupo Behr on Feb. 19 was accepted (.pdf file) into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s cross-border trucking pilot program.

In 2011, multiple U.S. traffic safety advocacy groups alleged the company did not disclose all its safety violations in its application and had a high vehicle out-of-service rate. FMCSA delayed the carrier’s entry into the program to investigate the claims, and later concluded that Grupo Behr did address the groups’ concerns in 2012.

The pilot program, launched in 2011 to fulfill a requirement in the North American Free Trade Agreement, was designed to help determine whether opening the U.S.-Mexico border to Mexican trucks would be hazardous to U.S. roadway safety.