CSB to host public meeting on Chevron refinery report

April 3, 2013

Washington – The Chemical Safety Board is scheduled to host a public meeting on April 19 in Richmond, CA, to present interim findings and safety recommendations from the investigation of the hydrocarbon release and fire at a Chevron refinery.

The Aug. 6, 2012, incident resulted in 19 employees being caught in a vapor cloud and six suffering minor injuries, according to CSB. Thousands of nearby residents also sought medical treatment after the incident.

CSB said key issues include sulfidation corrosion, effective hazard analysis processes and requirements for the use of corrosion-resistant materials in refineries. In February, CSB and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health released an evaluation (.pdf file) of samples from the refinery that showed the steel pipe that ruptured was corroded and should have been replaced.