Don’t blow it on torch safety

August 1, 2009

Misuse or improper handling of oxygen-acetylene torches can lead to serious property damage, injury and even death. The Mine Safety and Health Administration recommends taking the following precautions when using an oxygen-acetylene torch:

  • Prior to use, inspect all hoses, gauges, regulators and torches, and replace or repair any defective parts.
  • Make sure the torch is equipped with a flow check gauge.
  • Properly train all employees who will be using the torch.
  • Keep combustible materials away from the area where the torch will be used.
  • Install a flash arrestor at both ends of the hose.
  • Verify the adjusting screw is closed by turning it counterclockwise before opening the cylinder valve.
  • Open cylinder valves slowly, and do not stand in front of the regulator while doing so.
  • Never compress acetylene above 15 psig.
  • Purge oxygen and acetylene lines individually before lighting the torch.
  • Light acetylene before opening the oxygen line.