DOT launches more campaigns against distracted driving

August 5, 2010

The Department of Transportation this month announced two campaigns aimed at increasing public awareness about the dangers of texting and cell phone use while driving.

On Aug. 2, DOT announced a collaboration with Seventeen magazine and AAA to launch a video contest to raise awareness among young people about the dangers of talking and texting while driving. The "National Two-Second Turnoff Day Viral Video Challenge" will run from Aug. 2 to Sept. 10, according to a DOT press release. Contest organizers are challenging teens to develop a creative anti-distracted driving video to promote safe driving. The winner will receive a $2,000 prize. The video be will featured at DOT's second National Distracted Driving Summit on Sept. 21 and on Seventeen.com.

DOT on Aug. 3 announced a partnership with State Farm Insurance and ESPN's On the Road to Camp, a cross-country bus tour to all 32 pro-football training camps. The tour, which runs from July 29 to Aug. 16, will include education about the dangers caused by distracted driving.