DOT proposes amendments to drug, alcohol testing program procedures

February 11, 2010

The Department of Transportation is reviewing roles and standards for medical review officers who test transportation workers for drugs and alcohol, according to a notice of proposed rulemaking (.pdf file) published in the Feb. 4 Federal Register.

The notice states DOT wants to amend procedures for transportation workplace drug and alcohol testing programs to create consistency with new requirements established by the Department of Health and Human Services' Mandatory Guidelines (.pdf file).

Proposed changes include:

  • Testing for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also known as ecstasy; lowering cutoff levels for cocaine and amphetamines; conducting mandatory initial testing for heroin; and authorizing employers to use HHS-certified Instrumented Initial Test Facilities to conduct initial drug testing
  • Bringing a number of testing definitions in line with those of HHS
Comments on the NPRM are due April 5.