Drivers who use cell phones engage in other risky behaviors: report

February 6, 2013

Washington – Motorists who use cell phones while driving tend to engage in other risky driving behaviors, according to a new report (.pdf file) from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Researchers analyzed results from the 2012 Traffic Safety Culture Index, which surveyed nearly 3,900 U.S. residents about their driving behaviors. Respondents who reported using a cell phone while driving in the previous 30 days also had engaged in the following risky behaviors “fairly often or regularly”:

  • Driving 15 mph or more over the posted speed limit on freeways (65 percent)
  • Purposely ran a red light (47 percent)
  • Drove drowsy (44 percent)
  • Sent a text or email (53 percent)
  • Drove without wearing a safety belt (29 percent)
  • Drove intoxicated (19 percent)