Energy council: Use caution during, after storms

March 11, 2013

Springfield, IL – The spring season often brings storms and flooding, and the Energy Education Council is offering precautions to help keep your family safe.

In recognition of National Severe Storm Preparedness Week in March, EEC’s Safe Electricity program issued a list of tips from the National Weather Service, including:

  • Know your county and nearby towns and cities. Warnings are issued by county and reference major cities.
  • Check the forecast and hazardous weather outlook.
  • Stay inside if a storm is approaching.
  • Know the difference between a severe thunderstorm watch, which means storms are possible, and a warning, which means a storm has been reported or is imminent.

Hazards also may be present after the storm. EEC said to use a flashlight rather than a candle when inspecting your home in the dark in case of a gas leak. Also, if you smell gas or suspect a leak, leave the house, call 911 and notify the gas utility.