Entitled workers more likely to abuse co-workers: study

July 15, 2010

Workers who feel a sense of entitlement are more likely to experience frustration and abuse co-workers, indicates a recent study from the University of New Hampshire in Durham.

According to a study abstract, researchers surveyed 223 full-time employees and found workers who had a strong sense of entitlement, including inflated self-perceptions and unrealistic expectations about promotions, were more likely to be dissatisfied with their work life, compared with workers who had a more realistic perception of their contributions.

Entitled workers also were more likely to verbally abuse co-workers, spread office rumors and engage in office politics such as self-promotion.

Study authors concluded entitled that workers were likely to experience an increase in job frustration when supervisors increased communication with them. Increased supervisor communication had the opposite effect on workers with a low sense of entitlement.

The study was published in the June 28 issue of Human Relations.