Flight crew coalition speaks out against knife ban lift

March 20, 2013

Washington – The Flight Attendants Union Coalition has petitioned the Obama administration to reverse the Transportation Security Administration’s recent decision to lift its ban on certain small knives in carry-on luggage. The coalition argues that the ban was “an integral layer in aviation security.”

TSA states it made its decision after reviewing the flight security risks of objects such as small knives, which were banned following 9/11. Razors; box cutters; and knives with locking or fixed blades, molded grips, or blades longer than 2.36 inches or wider than 0.5 inches are still prohibited.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters also has argued (.pdf file) against the ban lift, stating that the change would put flight attendants in danger due to lack of adequate protection in the cabin and lack of mandatory self-defense training.

The small knife ban lift is scheduled to go into effect on April 25.