FMCSA updates passenger motorcoach safety initiatives

December 19, 2012

Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Dec. 12 announced updates to three of its motorcoach safety initiatives:

  • The Motorcoach Safety Action Plan (.pdf file), a document detailing the agency’s collaborative initiatives with other transportation agencies to improve motorcoach safety, now includes updates on ongoing and new activities since the plan was issued in 2009. The updated plan has information on motorcoach safety provisions established by the surface transportation funding bill (known as MAP-21(.pdf file) that was signed into law July 6.
  • The National Consumer Complaint Database, which allows passenger motorcoach users and other parties to file complaints against unsafe carriers or operators, has a new interface.
  • The SaferBus mobile application that displays safety information on motorcoaches has been updated for accessing the NCCDB.