FMCSA wants to research impact of fault in CMV crash records

August 1, 2012

Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is proposing a study (.pdf file) that would help develop a system to update commercial motor vehicle crash records to reflect determination of fault in a crash.

Current records are based on the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program’s safety measurement system, which only records when a CMV is involved in a crash, not whether the operator was at fault.

The proposed study intends to do the following:

  • Determine whether police accident reports’ determinations of fault are consistent across the nation.
  • Analyze whether including determination of fault in a CMV carrier’s crash records better indicates the carrier’s future crash risk.
  • Establish procedures for incorporating determination of fault into records after soliciting public input.

The proposed study is scheduled for completion by summer 2013, at which point the agency would determine if and how fault determinations would be incorporated into crash records.