GAO: FAA workers’ comp claims decrease

May 15, 2013

Washington – Rates of injuries and illnesses requiring workers’ compensation claims at Federal Aviation Administration facilities steadily declined by about one-third between 2007 and 2011, according to a study from the Government Accountability Office.

The study was mandated by the FAA Modernization and Reform Act (.pdf file). In a letter (.pdf file) summarizing the preliminary results to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, GAO stated that new claims by workers at FAA facilities decreased to 907 in 2011 from 1,336 in 2007. Between January 2007 and September 2012, the most common claims were for mental, emotional or nervous conditions – followed by back pain/sprains/strains and sprains/strains of other body parts. The claims were attributed to various causes such as falls, handling tools and materials, fume inhalation, and vehicle incidents.

GAO said it will issue a full report later this year.