Guardian Fall Protection warns of possible defective equipment

July 25, 2012

Kent, WA – People who have purchased certain Guardian Fall Protection products in the past year are being asked by the company to inspect the products for a potential defect that could create a “dangerous and faulty condition.”

The inspection notification applies to all customers and distributors who purchased a GFP product featuring a Swivel Snaphook (model No. 01825-HS) or Swivel Indicating Snaphook (model No. 01826-HS) that shipped between Aug. 26, 2011, and June 26, 2012. The potentially faulty piece is marked with the GFP logo and features a nut and swage designed for swivel attachment.

A proper hook will have a swaged stem forming a mushroom shaped cap over the swivel nut; a defective hook will not be swaged and will have a stem coming out of the swivel nut.

If a defective hook is identified, GFP advised users to remove it from service immediately and contact GFP, which will provide replacement units at no cost.