Healthy desk duty

July 1, 2009

Whether using the phone or the computer, technology now allows workers to get a great deal of work done from one spot. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that sitting for long periods of time at work can increase your risk of stress and strain.

Below, CDC offers some tips to help minimize these risks:

  • Create a comfortable work space. Arrange your desk, chair and necessary items in a way that eliminates the need to overreach or use awkward postures.
  • Recognize early warning signs of stress such as headache, sleep problems, a short temper, difficulty con¬≠centrating, upset stomach, job dissatisfaction and low morale. Take steps to manage stress before it gets out of control.
  • Take frequent breaks throughout the day. Stretch your arms, legs and neck to recover from muscle fatigue.
  • Eat healthy meals and snacks, including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Limit drinks that have high levels of fat, calories and sugar.
  • Be physically active for at least 2.5 hours a week. Perform activities that strengthen muscles and raise your heart rate.