Honoring workers and safety professionals

August 30, 2012

For many people in America, Labor Day is when working men and women are honored.

In a recent statement, NIOSH Director John Howard noted how society benefits from the work of many others – everyone from bus drivers to day care providers – in our daily lives. Additionally, those same workers rely on the work of many others, too. In that way, safety professionals play a vital – and unique – role, Howard said:

“We in the occupational safety and health community have a unique opportunity to honor the labor of our fellow Americans. We develop, disseminate, and help others to use the tools and strategies that prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. By helping to prevent pain, impairment, and death on the job, we help working parents to provide for their families and plan for a secure future.”

So on this Labor Day, thank you to all the workers out there who make our daily lives a little easier. And to all the safety professionals, thank you for striving each day to make the lives of those other workers a lot safer.

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