Hospital claims amusement rides pose injury risk

May 15, 2013

Columbus, OH – More than 20 children a day are injured on amusement rides in the summer, according to a study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Researchers examined National Electronic Injury Surveillance System data from 1990 to 2010, the study abstract states. Rides were divided into three categories: amusement park rides (fixed-site rides); rides at fairs and festivals (mobile rides); and rides at local malls, stores, restaurants or arcades (mall rides). A total of 92,885 childhood injuries related to amusement rides were reported, and 70 percent of them occurred between May and September.

Falls were responsible for almost one-third of injuries, a hospital press release states. Most injuries were tied to fixed-site rides and mobile rides. However, researchers noted, mall ride injuries were more likely to be head and neck, face, concussions, or cuts because these rides may be located over hard surfaces and lack child restraints. They suggested avoiding rides in those conditions.

The study was published online May 1 in the journal Clinical Pediatrics.