How does OSHA rank as an employer among federal agencies?

March 28, 2013

Views on OSHA can vary among stakeholders, but how does the agency rank as an employer? Apparently somewhere in the middle.

The nonprofit civil service promotion group Partnership for Public Service surveyed government employees about the agency they work for, and then published a ranking of the various government agencies.

OSHA ranked 160 out of 292 other “subcomponent” agencies (government agencies residing under “parent” agencies; in this case, OSHA is under the Department of Labor) for 2012. Its score – derived from a weighted formula based on responses – was 61.7, slightly greater than the governmentwide score of 60.8.

Scores in other categories included:

  • Effective leadership (204 of 290)
  • Pay (120 of 290)
  • Training and development (251 of 290)
  • Performance-based awards and advancement (218 of 290)

(The rankings only include those in which 30 participants or more responded.)

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