Institute offers free online hearing test

January 19, 2011

Washington – In conjunction with American Heart Month, recognized in February, the Better Hearing Institute is offering a free online hearing test to highlight the correlation between cardiovascular health and hearing health.

"An alarming number of Americans don't understand how serious the threat of heart disease is to them personally or how closely intertwined it is with other health conditions, such as hearing health," said Sergei Kochkin, BHI's executive director. "We urge women and men alike to know their risks and to take action today to protect their heart – and hearing – health."

According to BHI, inadequate blood flow or trauma to the blood vessels of the inner ear can contribute to hearing loss. Some researchers believe the sensitivity of the inner ear could allow blood vessel abnormalities to be noted earlier than in other parts of the body. Low-frequency hearing loss could be an early indicator of cardiovascular problems, researchers said.