Manufacturer issues safety notice for scissor lifts

November 7, 2012

Redmond, WA – Heavy equipment manufacturer Terex Corp. recently issued a safety notice for Genie brand scissor lifts equipped with an oscillating axle system.

According to the notice, the axle system on models GS-3390, GS-4390 and GS-5390 could malfunction. The axles might continue moving back and forth when the machine is driven into a depression with the platform raised, which could cause the machine to become unstable and tip over.

The notice covers machines with the following serial numbers:

  • GS90-41170
  • GS9004-41592 to GS9004-42016
  • GS9005-42017 to GS9005-42684
  • GS9006-42686 to GS9006-43736
  • GS9007-43737 to GS9007-45424
  • GS9008-45426 to GS9008-47059
  • GS9009-47060 to GS9009-47243
  • GS9010-47251 to GS9010-47437
  • GS9011-47456 to GS9011-47898
  • GS9012-47900 to GS9012-48127

To resolve the issue, customers should install the wire harness kit P/N 217572, which can be ordered at (800) 536-1800. In the meantime, Terex said the lifts can still be used but only on a firm, level surface.