Michaels: Get candidates on record supporting safe jobs, I2P2

May 4, 2012

As the nation prepares for the general election season, OSHA administrator David Michaels called on voters to press candidates on their commitment to occupational safety.

During an April 27 Workers Memorial Day speech at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, MD, Michaels asked attendees to remember fallen workers and ask every candidate running for office to support workplace safety efforts.

“Ask every candidate for a commitment to safe jobs,” he said. “Get every one of them on the record supporting worker protections and our effort for a national injury and illness prevention program.”

I doubt there are many politicians who would not make a commitment to safe jobs, but garnering on-the-record support for a significant rulemaking in a political climate where one side is vehemently opposed to more government regulations is a tougher sell.

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