Michaels updates his vision for OSHA

October 21, 2010

An Oct. 15 letter to OSHA employees from administrator David Michaels highlights accomplishments, changes and challenges ahead for the agency.

The letter serves as an update to a previous letter Michaels wrote to OSHA staff in July. In that letter, Michaels described his "vision" for OSHA to meet upcoming challenges.

The latest letter covers recent headline-making enforcement activities, partial results from the National Emphasis Program on recordkeeping (.pdf file) and recent work on the Gulf Coast cleanup.

Michaels said upcoming challenges include dealing with distracted driving, for which he noted employers could be cited under the Occupational Safety and Health Act if they require workers to text while driving. He also highlighted recent changes in OSHA leadership, such as Richard Fairfax's promotion to assistant OSHA administrator. Prior to his promotion, Fairfax was head of the Directorate of Enforcement Programs.