MIOSHA moving forward on rule changes ‘very rapidly’

September 12, 2012

Lansing, MI – Michigan is moving forward on changes to more than 600 rules unique to its State Plan program, and the public has a limited window to make comments on the proposals.

According to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, no public hearings on the rule changes are required, and the public has 21 days to review and comment on the changes after the drafts are published. The changes will be certified 35 days after publication.

“This process is happening very rapidly, and it is incumbent upon interested parties to pay close attention in order to stay informed,” MIOSHA said in a recent email update.

The changes were prompted by recommendations from the Office of Regulatory Reinvention in a report (.pdf file) released earlier this year. ORR was tasked with simplifying state rules by identifying those that exceed federal standards, and its report called for rescinding parts of – or entire – rules. Some state officials claim the move will reduce business burdens.

State-run OSHA programs must meet federal standards, but can exceed them. The rules being eliminated are specific to Michigan.