New council focuses on cheerleading safety

February 10, 2011

Memphis, TN – USA Cheer, the national governing body for cheerleading, announced the creation of the USA Cheer Safety Council on Feb. 9. The council’s goal is to raise awareness of cheerleading safety, address misconceptions about injuries and provide data on proper athlete training.

The council is made up of representatives from the medical community, as well as coaches, administrators, parents and athletes. Together with the Birmingham, AL-based American Sports Medicine Institute, the council plans to conduct a research study on the biomechanics of common overuse injuries in the sport. The data will be used to create models coaches can use to better train their athletes in proper mechanics.

“With any sport there is the risk of injury, but the important thing is to learn as much as we can about where the greatest risks lie as well as the proper way to perform the techniques,” said orthopedic surgeon Jeff Dugas, who is leading the research study. “The more we study and learn the more that can be done to reduce and prevent injuries.”