NFPA issues college fire safety tips

September 9, 2010

Each year, thousands of structure fires occur in on- and off-campus housing, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. The Quincy, MA-based agency this week released a series of safety tips to prevent such fires.

Be prepared:

  • Choose housing with full sprinkler systems and make sure smoke alarms are inside each bedroom, outside each sleep area and on each level.
  • Test alarms monthly. Never remove batteries or disable alarms.


  • Be sure you have an escape plan with two routes out of every room.
  • If you cannot safely get out, close the door and seal vents and cracks around the door with towels. Call 911 and signal for help out the window.


  • Only smoke outdoors or in designated smoking areas. Never smoke in bed.
  • Before going to bed, check cushions and carpet for cigarette butts
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  • Cook only where permitted. Check for restrictions on barbecue grills or fire pits.
  • Plug cooking appliances directly into an outlet -- never use an extension cord.


  • Never leave candles unattended. Always blow them out before leaving the room.
  • Use a flashlight in emergency situations rather than candles.