NFPA releases online educational game on fire safety

February 25, 2011

Quincy, MA – A new educational matching game, released Feb. 25 by the National Fire Protection Association, seeks to teach preschoolers about smoke alarms.

Designed for children 3 to 5 years old, Sparky’s Match Game uses NFPA’s official mascot, Sparky the Fire Dog, to educate children on what smoke alarms look and sound like, and instruct them on what they should do if they hear a smoke alarm sound. The game rewards children for doing the right thing when they hear the alarm go off.

“We know from NFPA statistics that children under age 5 are nearly one and a half times as likely to die in a home fire as the general public,” said Amy LeBeau, NFPA’s communications manager for public education. “Using a fun and interactive tool to educate young children about smoke alarms and what to do if one sounds is a great way to influence their safety behavior.”