NHTSA advises on safety of children locked in cars

April 11, 2012

Washington – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a national campaign to help remind parents to avoid accidentally locking children in cars this summer.

Radio and online advertisements will be released in the coming weeks that are centered on the theme “Where’s baby? Look before you lock.” The campaign aims to warn parents about the dangers of heatstroke and hyperthermia, which can cause brain injury, blindness, loss of hearing and even death, according to a NHTSA press release.

NHTSA offers the following tips for parents and guardians:

  • Form a routine that reinforces looking inside the vehicle before locking the doors and leaving.
  • Leave reminders that a child is in a vehicle, such as a note or a stuffed animal placed in view.
  • Explain to children that motor vehicles are not play areas, and keep keys out of their reach.